Presenting a fully featured portable frame less interactive whiteboard device. It includes infrared USB camerabased technology which converts any standard whiteboard, plain wall, or screen into a smart interactive whiteboard screen using a UPen Stylus. It saves space required by traditional withframesmart whiteboards and can be transported easily. Turn boring training sessions into interesting and interactive sessions, whether in classrooms or board meetings. Increase productivity and meet your goals faster with Touchscreen Anywhere.
Now keep your audience engaged and more attentive with innovative touch screen kit. Combined with ergonomics, a curved body designed pen, feels more comfortable when writing with it. Camera resolution is 640 x 480 with 30 fps and 850 nm IR filter.


Smart interactive kit
  • Makes any normal projector interactive.
  • Fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Easy to install and use, plug & play.
  • Handwrite smoothly with high precision.
  • Projection size can be 60 to 120 inches.
  • No need to reinstall/alter projectors to match with smart board installations.
  • Camera can be easily fixed to the projector top using wellcrow stickers.
  • One time calibration.
  • Builtin flash memory remembers previous calibration settings.
  • Lightweight UPen can be used as a ball or highlighter pen with very smooth writing on a plain wall, white, or green board.
  • The rechargeable battery inside the Upen can be charged. 


Learning will now be enhanced by our interactive, state-of-the-art, smart whiteboard solution. Our Mounted Digital Whiteboard is a very simple-to-use tool for teachers and trainers who want to deliver dynamic and interactive lessons in classrooms.
EDA Enterprise’s digital interactive whiteboard is loaded with unique smart features which help in delivering content to the target audience in the most effective manner.


  • The smart board is a computerenhanced electronic writing tool for teachers. Bring the functionality and easeofuse of a handheld tablet to life in your classroom as its displayed on the wall, allowing your students to see and interact with enthusiasm.
  • Teachers can easily upload any documents needed for use in the classroom onto the smart screen, allowing for enhanced classroom interaction and vivid display of material.
  • With our advanced product, teachers can bring up the entire syllabus from the main subjects onto the screen with a click of a button. Say goodbye to carrying stacks of books to the classroom.
  • The smart screen computer is preloaded with syllabus from SSC, CBSE, as well as ICSE.
  • The smart screen cuts down on paper usage and is ecofriendly.


  • Made in India, smart interactive whiteboards.
  • Durable, scratchproof, fireproof, waterproof board surface.
  • Record whatever is written on board in PDF, video formats and create study + revision lessons for students.
  • Smart inbuilt features such as smart shapes, smart drawing, smart handwriting recognition.
  • Inbuilt econtent library of more than 12,000  images of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology.
  • Optical finger-touch sensors with less than 0.8 milliseconds touch response time.
  • High luminance nanotechnology with 0.1mm touch accuracy.
  • Chalk-free and environment-friendly classrooms.
  • Made of coated metallic frame with ceramic/ non-ceramic writing surface.
  • Professional drawing features such as maps, geometry diagrams.

Available Boards & Classroom Size

78″ – useful for 50 student’s classroom

88″ – useful for 75 student’s classroom

102″ – useful for 100 student’s classroom

(Board Sizes mentioned are diagonal distance in inches)

Why our Smart Boards are different than competitors?

  • We manufacture Smart Whiteboards in India.
  • High-performance Optical DVT finger-touch sensors.
  • 3 Years Warranty period.
  • Expert staff for teachers training & excellent after sales support.